Entertaining the Kids at the Camera Obscura in Edinburgh

From Elsie (aged 11 years)

I LOVE CAMERA OBSCURA!!!!! Well, who doesn’t? It’s the place where seeing really isn’t believing!

Camera Obscura is named after – hence the name – The Camera Obscura! But what is the Camera Obscura, you ask? Well then, I’m here to inform!

The Camera Obscura is the only spot in the city where you can see the whole of Edinburgh live without leaving the room! But it is quite dark for those who are afraid!

If I had to pick my two favourite illusions then I’d choose the Vortex Tunnel and Mirror Maze. The Vortex Tunnel is a bridge in an odd tunnel – but the rounded walls seem to be moving! Ask a member of staff for more more ways to cross – if you fancy something challenging! The Mirror Maze is – well, you guessed it, a maze of mirrors! Super fun and super funny – especially when your dad bumps into a mirror!

There is so much in Camera Obscura – holograms, funny mirrors and so much more! I really hope you enjoy it!