The rise and fall and rise again of Scottish Gin

Scottish gin is booming! Over the last couple of years there have been around 50 distilleries that have entered production. These distilleries have launched around a hundred new gin brands to the marketplace. One of our personal favourites is relative newcomer Sutors, made in the Royal Burgh of Tain, in the Northern Highlands. We [...]

Is your “Airport Hotel” actually AT the Airport?

Often, if your flight arrives late, or leaves early it makes sense to stay close to the airport. Sometimes, though, hotels say they are "airport hotels", when they are actually a long way from the airport. That’s fine if they run a regular, free shuttle during all the hours that flights are operating. However, [...]

Entertaining the Kids at the Camera Obscura in Edinburgh

From Elsie (aged 11 years) I LOVE CAMERA OBSCURA!!!!! Well, who doesn't? It's the place where seeing really isn't believing! Camera Obscura is named after - hence the name - The Camera Obscura! But what is the Camera Obscura, you ask? Well then, I'm here to inform! The Camera Obscura is the only spot [...]

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