Dundee Airport Car Rental

Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures


Arnold Clark Car & Van Rental
40 Balfield Road,

Tel No: 01382 225382

Branch Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 08:00 – 17:00
Sat: 08:00 – 16:00
Sun: Closed

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Please note – The branch is NOT located at the Airport

During Branch Opening Hours


On arrival at Dundee Airport, collect your baggage then please call 01382 225382. Once your call is connected please provide the rental operator with your name, then proceed to the waiting area. A member of staff will collect you and take you back to the branch.


During office hours, rental vehicles must be returned to the branch on 40 Balfield Road, Dundee DD1 6AH. Upon return to the branch your vehicle will be checked-in prior to your transfer to Dundee Airport in your rental vehicle (you can leave your luggage inside the vehicle while checking the vehicle in).

Please allow at least 20 minutes for your vehicle check-in and airport transfer.

Dundee Rental Branch

Dundee Rental Branch

Dundee Airport

Dundee Airport

Outside Branch Opening Hours


With prior notice an airport out-of-hours vehicle delivery service can be provided.

Please contact us at [email protected] to arrange this.  The cost of this service varies depending on the day and time.


With prior notice an airport out-of-hours vehicle drop-off can be arranged however there is a charge for this service.  An out of hours drop off must be paid for in advance.

Please contact us at [email protected] to arrange this.

• If you are departing outside of office hours your rental vehicle must be returned to Dundee Airport car park located on the left hand side as you enter the airport.
• Rental vehicle keys should be placed in the box marked Arnold Clark Car & Van Rental located on the right hand side as you go in the main entrance,
opposite reception.
• Please ensure the vehicle is re-fuelled before return.

UK Drivers

UK drivers should bring their valid driving licence (original copies only) and one proof of address. Acceptable documents include utility bills and bank or credit card statements issued within the last three months.

All UK drivers should also bring their access code from the DVLA, which you can acquire from the DVLA’s online Share Driving Licence system.

UK Customers with an original paper licence will also need to bring photographic ID, as well as one proof of address and their DVLA access code.

Northern Ireland licence holders will not be able to generate a DVLA code and must produce both the paper and card parts of their driving licence upon collection.

EU Residents in the UK

EU licence holders who are residents in the UK must bring with them a domestic licence, passport or ID card and proof of UK address. This can be two bills or one bill and another form of photographic identification, preferably a passport. Utility bills and bank or credit card statements that have been issued in the last three months will also be accepted.

EU and International Drivers

EU licence holders not residing in the UK must bring a domestic driving licence and either a passport or ID card.

Drivers from outside the EU must possess a valid domestic driving licence with an English translation. If the English translation is not available, an international driving permit is required in addition to a domestic driving licence.

A passport must also accompany a domestic driving licence.